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Find out what Selling on Amazon is all about!

Alex Shelton works with SMEs across the UK, Europe & USA along with a number of Global Brands to set up and sell their products on Amazon. 

Maybe you're completely new to Online Selling and wanting to start your own Amazon Business from scratch or maybe you have products to sell and what to find out how to sell them on Amazon Successfully...

The Training is for Individuals/Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Existing Business Owners.

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At the AMZ Business Academy we provide our students with the Amazon Training & Support required to build a successful Amazon Business!


Please note that the AMZ Business Academy is part of The Advice Centre Ltd and is not associated with or endorsed by Amazon in any way. Please see our Terms & Conditions here.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What's Alex's background?

Alex started selling on Amazon several years ago, built up his own Amazon Business as well as 'Partnering up' with hundreds of different Brands selling hundreds of different products!  He now loves nothing more than teaching others how to create their own Amazon Business from scratch!

I don't have any experience selling online, can you help me?

Of course, as long as your comfortable using a PC, the only thing we ask is that you're motivated and ready to learn!

I'm completely new to selling on Amazon, is this Webinar for me?

You betcha!  We work with individuals with no experience of selling on Amazon or Ecommerce whatsoever! 

I don't have a product yet, how can I sell on Amazon?

Alex will talk you through the different options and how it all works.  A big part of this process is finding the right product and how to source that product!

I already have products to sell, is this webinar for me?

Of course, there's load to selling on Amazon and having a product gives you a head start ;)

I'm based outside of the UK, can I join?

Yes, we'd love to see you there! Although our Students are primarily in the UK, we also coach Business Owners/Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia!

Technology is not my thing, can I join?

Don't panic! Alex has coached hundreds of Sellers of all different ages and backgrounds to help start their own Amazon Business!

A Message from Alex, The Amazon Trainer!


"I started selling on Amazon several years ago, what I found was that there was SO much to the process, SO many hurdles to jump through & SO much that can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing! The skills I've gained can make a serious difference to any business.  For me, nothing beats teaching the skills I've learnt to my students in a painless & practical way and supporting them as they build a Business they can be really proud of!"

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