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Fancy selling products on Amazon? Using the Amazon FBA service, Amazon can store and send your products to the customers for you.

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"It was a great pleasure having you teach us how to grow our Business. You are such a gentleman who is very professional. Thank you once again for being of immense help. I can’t recommend you enough." ~ Bukola Ogunbiyi, Amazon UK Seller.

Meet Alex Shelton (The Amazon Trainer)

Entrepreneur, Author, UK Amazon Consultant and Amazon Coach.

How I started an Amazon FBA Business with just £1,000

"My name is Alex Shelton, Amazon Consultant and Founder of The AMZ Business Academy. How did I get into all of this Amazon stuff?  Well, it all started out from my garage before discovering Amazon FBA!

My background is in Marketing and around eight years ago, a client came to me looking for help marketing the launch of their new product. It happened to be a brilliant product in an excellent niche. 

After a few meetings with the client, we decided that I would sell the product in my own right, and my exciting Amazon adventure began. My thoughts at this stage were “OK, I know a lot about selling through websites, I can do that. I have excellent skills when it comes to social media advertising, but what about Amazon?”  

I wasn’t unhappy with my life before getting involved with selling on Amazon, but I knew that there was more. More I could be doing, more than I had to offer, and more that I could be earning. I had already taken the step of working for myself and everything that comes with that, but selling on Amazon helped me get to the next step and beyond. 

In fact, I discovered that earning £100k in product sales in just a few months is more than achievable. 

My first order for my products was around £1,000 but the investment was really time. Time to learn the platform, time to understand how everything works, the tips, the tricks, etc. I wish I had someone back then who could have made it easier.

I knew I was going to take this process seriously.

So, initially, I was a distributor, which meant that for my first order I didn’t actually label my products with my own brand (this came later on). If I could go back, I would have arranged for these items to have been labeled with my own brand (and trademarked my own brand) which would have come with many benefits, but it was all part of my Amazon journey. 

The products were manufactured in central Europe and I arranged for these to be shipped over to my home address in the UK. This was before I discovered FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). It also allowed me to inspect the products before selling them and being that this was my first order that was important to me.

I found out pretty early on that to be successful on Amazon, you should ideally have your own brand and products that are unique to you.

How long did it take to achieve a stable monthly income?

It probably took three to six months to achieve a stable income. There was so much to learn and take in. The Amazon seller platform isn’t as intuitive as you might think and I had no real plan or strategy. This is why creating an Amazon Growth Plan is now the first stage of my course. We set objectives and a strategy to achieve those objectives. 

How much time do you spend per day/week on running your Amazon business?

Initially, I just ran my business during evenings and weekends. I was shipping products out myself from my garage which was very time-consuming. Then I discovered Amazon FBA, which was almost life-changing. My future orders were then shipped directly to Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres in the UK where Amazon took control of distribution and customer service. 

After learning the hard way, I have since helped many Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers across Europe sell their products on Amazon from Global Electronics Brands to Coffee Distributors to Record Producers!

This has then also led me to work with Private Individuals wanting to create their Very Own Amazon Business from scratch... find products, brand products, send products to Amazon and generate extra income from home! It's possible to generate a high level of sales with just the one product!

7 Proven Steps to help you achieve £100k in just a few months 

With a background in marketing and helping small businesses in the UK, I decided to share my experience with my clients. I started running training programmes for small-medium-sized businesses looking to grow their online sales. This also led me to work with global brands that wanted to expand their presence on Amazon. I have since delivered Training in association with Government Start-up Organisations, The Chamber of Commerce and AMZ Scout-Industry Leader in Product Research Tools.

After helping hundreds of different businesses and working with many manufacturers, I started to coach new sellers to create their very own Amazon Business through my Amazon Coaching programmes."

Some of my clients are actually selling up to £350k a month. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, I have Coached many individuals with no experience whatsoever!

Absolutely, all of my Amazon Training is Online, you can learn at your own pace and contact me as and when you need.


Completely! An Amazon Business is flexible and allows you to invest as little or as much as you like, the great thing is if set up correctly you can monitor everything from your laptop!. Selling on Amazon can be extremely rewarding once you have an established product on the platform and you understand everything Amazon has to offer!

When listing products on Amazon,it’s important that your listing is optimised in the correct way. If you are struggling with any areas of the Amazon Seller Central Platform and need assistance simply click the ‘Apply now’ and i will be in touch as soon as possible!

Amazon FBA is simply where Amazon holds your products until you sell them. Once sold Amazon then picks and packs them and ships them off to your customers. It’s that simple!


Whether you have products ready to sell or not, Just 'Apply Now' and I'll be in touch as soon as possible!

Alex has hosted Training Programmes in association with:

UK Government Start-up Organisations

Start-up Support Organisations including Business Sheffield (Sheffield City Council).

The Chamber of Commerce

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and The Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber.

Apprenticeship Organisations

Apprenticeship organisations including the Back2Work Group.

AMZ Scout

Industry Leaders in Amazon Product Research Tools.

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