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How does an Amazon Business Work?


Learn How To Sell on Amazon


Source Your Products in Bulk


Amazon handle the logistics...


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We Teach The Ultimate AMZ Selling System

In our Business AMZ Academy Training, you will learn the Amazon Selling System used and created by our Founder, Alex Shelton.  'The Ultimate AMZ Selling System' has been designed to teach anyone to build a Successful Business on Amazon, these include existing Businesses with products to sell and Aspiring Entrepreneurs starting completely from scratch!


Meet Alex Shelton, The Amazon Trainer

Entrepreneur, Author, UK Amazon Consultant and Amazon Coach

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"Come along, see what it's all about, bring a pen and take some notes! The training is online so you can learn from the comfort of your home, it's completely free and at the end of the training you'll have the option to join us at one of our exclusive 'live' events, if you feel an Amazon Business is for you!"

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Alex's Journey into Online Selling...

I started selling Garden Products before 'Partnering up' with different Brands selling all sorts of products!

"I'm Alex,  Founder of The AMZ Business Academy. How did I get into all of this Amazon stuff?  Well, it all started out from my garage before discovering Amazon FBA! 🔍

I wasn’t unhappy with my life before getting involved with selling on Amazon, but I knew that there was more. More I could be doing, more that I had to offer, and more that I could be earning. I had already taken the step of working for myself and everything that comes with that, but selling on Amazon helped me get to the next step and beyond. 

In fact, I discovered that earning £100k in product sales in just a few months is more than achievable.

This has then also led me to work with Private Individuals wanting to create their Very Own Amazon Business from scratch... find products, brand products, send products to Amazon and generate extra income from anywhere in the world! 🌎 It's possible to generate a high level of sales with just the one product!"

"I have developed 7 Proven Stages to help you achieve a serious income."

Meet Mayur, from a standing start on Amazon, Mayur achieved £100k in just 3 Months!

AMZ Business Academy: Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a full time job, can you help me?

Absolutely, all of Alex's Amazon Training is Online so you can learn at your own pace!

I don't have any experience selling online, can you help me?

Absolutely, Alex has Coached many individuals with no experience whatsoever!

Is an Amazon Business worth it?

An Amazon Business is flexible and allows you to invest as little or as much as you like, the great thing is if set up correctly, you can monitor everything from your laptop! Selling on Amazon can be extremely rewarding if you have good products on the platform and you understand everything Amazon has to offer!

What is Amazon FBA?

When listing products on Amazon, it’s important that your listing is optimised in the correct way. We help with all of this through our On-Demand Training Programme. 

What's Alex's background?

Alex started selling on Amazon several years ago, built up his own Amazon Business as well as 'Partnering up' with hundreds of different Brands selling hundreds of different products!  He now loves nothing more than teaching others how to create their own Amazon Business from scratch!

What is FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon. It's a Fulfilment service Amazon offers to do all of the picking, packing and shipping on your behalf. So, you ship your products in bulk into Amazon and they do the shipping for you!

How much can I make from selling on Amazon?

We have clients generating a few thousand pounds a month, we have clients generating £350k a month and more in some cases! Selling on Amazon can be very lucrative if you have the right products and have the skills to sell successfully.  We do our best to provide you with the best possible Amazon Advice & Guidance based on our many years in the Amazon Selling world!

Why do you teach others, why not stick to selling?

"I started selling on Amazon several years ago but there was SO much to the process & SO much that can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing! The skills I've gained can make a serious difference to any business.  For me, nothing beats teaching these skills to my students in a painless & practical way and supporting them as they build a Business they can be really proud of!" ~ Alex Shelton, Founder.

What's Seller Central?

Seller Central is the Amazon platform that is open to anyone (individual or Business) to sell products on the Amazon Marketplace. We do our best to provide Professional Amazon Advice (tailored around your products) on all areas of the Seller Central Account.

What guarantees do you offer?

We don't offer any formal guarantees but we have put together a professional training course designed to give anyone the skills they need to build a successful Amazon Business.

Meet Rachael, she wanted to grow her Business Internationally & felt Amazon was the perfect route to market...

Alex Coaches Individuals, existing Business Owners & Global Brands to achieve sales of up to £350k a month & more in some cases!


Alex works with Sellers across the UK, EU & USA and offers Online Amazon Training to Businesses and Aspiring Entrepreneurs across the UK including; Amazon Training in Sheffield, Amazon Training in London, Amazon Training in Leeds, Amazon Training in Manchester, Amazon Training in Nottingham, Amazon Training in Leicester, Amazon Training in Bristol and many more!  The AMZ Business Academy offers Alex's Training 'On-Demand' so that you can learn how to sell on Amazon at your own pace!


Who is our Amazon Business Academy for?

Business Owners & Managers

The On-Demand Training is ideal if you have products to sell but don't have an E-Commerce team at the moment!

E-Commerce Managers & Marketing Teams

Ready to grow your sales on Amazon but don't know where to start? The On-Demand training is your go to Portal!

Start-ups, & Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

The AMZ Business Academy Online Training has been created to help anyone like yourself create an Amazon Business from scratch!

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Some of our Partners & Associates:


UK Government Start-up Organisations

Start-up Support Organisations including Business Sheffield (Sheffield City Council).


Chamber of Commerce

Chambers including Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber.


Industry Leaders in Product Research

Industry Leaders in Amazon Product Research Tools including AMZScout.


Apprenticeship Organisations

Apprenticeship organisations including the Back2Work Group.

The AMZ Business Academy is an On-Demand Training Course...

...using The Ultimate AMZ Selling System!

Learn How To Sell on Amazon from the comfort of your home or office...

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"I started selling on Amazon several years ago, what I found was that there was SO much to the process, SO many hurdles to jump through & SO much that can go wrong if you don't know what you're doing! The skills I've gained can make a serious difference to any business.  For me, nothing beats teaching the skills I've learnt to my students in a painless & practical way and supporting them as they build a Business they can be really proud of!" 

~ Alex Shelton, The Amazon Trainer.

Meet Paul & Caroline, existing Amazon Sellers but with Alex's help were able to increase profitability within 4 months...

At the AMZ Business Academy we provide our students with the Amazon Training & Support required to build a successful Amazon Business!


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