How to start an Amazon FBA Business

08.12.23 11:30 AM By Alex Shelton

5 Steps to Start your very own Amazon Business

If you are new to Amazon or simply want to learn more about an Amazon FBA business then look no further, The AMZ Business Academy are here to help. Here is a 5-step guide to starting your very own Amazon Business. To book a call with our lead Amazon Consultant Alex Shelton visit The AMZ Business Academy.

Step 1: Find your Product

Whether you have an existing ecommerce business or are completely new to selling online, you will need to find the right products to sell.

When choosing a product to sell on Amazon it is crucial that you recognise the characteristics of a good product. Products that have low seasonality, are small and lightweight, simple to manufacture are a good starting points to get the juices flowing!

There are plenty of really useful tools out there to help you with your product research, here at the AMZ Business Academy we have our own internal tools that help to determine whether a product has potential to succeed on Amazon!

Step 2: Set up an Amazon Seller Account + Learn The Platform

To get started you will need an Amazon Seller Central Account. When creating your account make sure that all of your details entered are correctly and are accurate to avoid any complications in the future.

Learning the Amazon platform is arguably one of the most important steps. Its crucial sellers understand the platform along with all of Amazon’s rules and guidelines, missing this step could result in your seller account being suspended if rules are violated!

Step 3: Fulfilment by Amazon

FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon and is an e-commerce fulfilment programme.

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) assists sellers with product storing, packaging, shipping, returns and customer service. It is not a requirement to use this feature as many smaller sellers opt for a Self-Fulfilment process. Self-fulfilment allows the sellers to package and manage their products without using Amazon services.

The Amazon FBA Programme, however, does come with many benefits, you can let Amazon take control of the Fulfilment and you can then concentrate on the Marketing of your products…I like to call that the fun stuff!

It’s no secret that Amazon FBA (if you have the right products) enables sellers to sell products in larger volume, stress-free!

Step 4: Advertising and Branding

The next steps to investigate when starting an Amazon Business is Advertising and Branding.

Amazon Ads work in a Similar way to Google Ads, when users search in keywords in the Amazon search box and products appear, some are at the top of the results, some are in the middle and some towards the bottom. Amazon offers different types of Ads for sellers to use that will suit different business approaches.

• Sponsored Product Ads - Sponsored product ads are Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that promotes a singular product. Amazon requires a minimum daily budget; however, you only pay when a shopper clicks onto your ad. These are ideal for any Amazon business with a new product to enable you to drive more traffic to your product listing on Amazon. You can achieve your business goals with Amazon Sponsored Products and measure your performance alongside. Sponsored product ads are commonly the most commonly used ad on Amazon as you do not need to be ‘Brand Registered’ to use them.

• Sponsored Brands Ads – Sponsored brands are banner ads that include a brand’s logo, message, and products in Amazon’s search results. Again, these Ads work on a Pay Per Click basis and Amazon requires a minimum daily budget.

• Product Display Ads - Product display ads use Pay Per Click to promote your product by targeting a shopper’s interests or similar products to yours and usually display on the right sidebar under the “add to basket“ button. With interest-based targeting, Amazon targets shoppers by their overall interests. These types of Ads help your company reach a wider audience and build your brand. Once again Amazon requires a minimum daily budget.

Branding is key to showcase what is unique about your company. When building a brand for your Amazon Business, it is important you make your brand values visible. A brand should be consistent, this can be done
through logos, infographics, or a brand phrase. Products from the same brand tend to share a common name, logo, or other identifying mark that appears on the product or its packaging and differentiates those products from competitors.

Step 5: Expanding Internationally

You may choose to sell in the Marketplace closest to you to begin with e.g., however, in the future you may decide to sell on Amazon’s other Marketplaces across the Globe e.g. Germany, USA, Australia etc.

It’s important to understand that every country is different and therefore will have different product laws, languages, custom charges, and spending trends but being an Amazon Seller doesn’t restrict you to just one Marketplace!

Amazon Training and Support

The AMZ Business Academy helps anyone looking to start their very own Amazon Business. We work with a range of businesses from those who are just starting out with no experience whatsoever to those who already have a product they want to launch. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire we offer Amazon Training Programmes to suit your requirements. When you join the AMZ Business Academy you will work directly with Alex Shelton, a UK-based Entrepreneur. Alex will be available for advice along the way to help you painlessly & practically sell products on Amazon!

Alex Shelton